Thursday, January 12, 2006

Just so I have a new post

So I've heard that it's delurking week around the blogging world. I'd ask for my lurkers to speak up, except that I think that the four people who have ever been to this site commented on my last post, so that would be kind of silly.

Seems that I'm one of a jillion that loves to read what other people have to say, but don't have much to say back. I'm alright with that, but I think the delurking thing is cool. You might get a chance to meet some really cool people who you would never come in contact with otherwise.

I'm not very good at posting regularly, so I don't think I'd ever have a following like so many others do. I'm alright with that too. As long as you don't mind me lurking on your site, feel free to hang around here on the off chance I might update once in a while.


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