Monday, December 05, 2005

Here I am

Ok, so I've been gone for a while. Sorry about that. See, I was posting all the time at my old job. Where I had nothing to do. This new job actually has work for me so YAY - I'm not bored out of my mind all day, but also - no time for blogging. So sue me.

I've been trying to think of what I need to update you people on. All both of you who read this. Hmmm....what on earth have I been doing? Here in no particular order are the highlights of the last couple of months...

I have no Christmas decorations up yet, but I do have a few gifts bought.

Went to a basketball game in Stillwater on Saturday, that was fun.

Missed the football game in Norman the weekend before and instead spent some lovely time in the Pediatric Urgent Care at St. Francis, holding the sickliest baby while she got shot full of fluids & Zofran. Maybe that'll be a whole other post by itself.

Turned 30.

And with that last one, had the most wondermous surprise party with some (missed you Carrie!) of my most favoritist people in the world.

Trick-or-treated with the cutest little monkey you'd ever see in your entire life.

Went to visit Greg & Emily and had so much fun! Can't wait to do that again.

Ate lots & lots & lots of food at Brian's grandparents' house in Ponca City for Thanksgiving. Mmmm...wish I still had some leftovers.

I think that about covers it. Add a few trips to the store, countless diaper changes, and lots of commuting to and from work and you're all caught up. See, you really hadn't been missing out on much.


At 6:38 PM, Blogger Carrie said...

I know! I missed your party! There was a chance that the date was going to be changed and I was so excited!!! But, then the date wasn't changed and I was sooooo bummed!

I saw the pics and it looks like you had fun without me! :( But I'm glad you did! I hate missing a party, especially a surprise party!!


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