Friday, June 23, 2006


I’m leaving soon for an out of town wedding! Getting on a real plane, to go on a real trip, and out of my house! WOOHOO!!! I’m so excited!

I really must start getting out more. I get so in a rut of going home, eating, playing with Noelle & going to bed shortly after she does. I’m wasting daylight! I don’t know what I should be doing, but I shouldn’t be cooped up in the house all the time, no wonder I’m pasty.

Maybe we should start doing dinner picnics. That sounds like fun, and Noelle would love it. You can only go out to eat or shopping so much before that gets old too.

I don’t want to resign myself to the fact that I’m just boring old Mom now. I shouldn’t have to. But between working all day & trying to keep up with Noelle, the house, bills, etc., etc., I guess that’s what I’ve become. I love being a mom, but I want to be a better one. Are there things I should be doing for/with her that I’m not doing? I don’t want to be boring old Mom in Noelle’s eyes.

If anybody can think of fun (cheap) things for us to do, let me know. Until I come up with something new, I’ll try to think of ways to glamorize what we already do.

Hmmmm….. After we arrive home from our days out in the world, we have fabulous meals in the comfort of our own home, with two dogs playfully begging at our feet. Following that, we play and laugh together in the family room, or out in the sun until the stars just begin to show themselves. Then we all go inside, Noelle has a bath, then it’s time for books, snuggling, and crawling into bed, where sweet dreams and soft dolls await her. Brian and I spend some nice, quality, quiet time together, before we’re ready to drift off to sleep ourselves, resting completely before we repeat the entire thing tomorrow.

Actually that doesn’t sound half bad.


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