Thursday, April 28, 2005


I just remembered that I love this song...

I wish I was a neutron bomb, for once I could go off
I wish I was a sacrifice but somehow still lived on
I wish I was a sentimental ornament you hung on
The Christmas tree, I wish I was the star that went on top
I wish I was the evidence, I wish I was the grounds
For 50 million hands upraised and open toward the sky

I wish I was a sailor with someone who waited for me
I wish I was as fortunate, as fortunate as me
I wish I was a messenger and all the news was good
I wish I was the full moon shining off a Camaro's hood
I wish I was an alien at home behind the sun
I wish I was the souvenir you kept your house key on
I wish I was the pedal brake that you depended on
I wish I was the verb 'to trust' and never let you down

I wish I was a radio song, the one that you turned up
I wish...I wish...


Last night we were baby free so we went to Wal-Mart and stocked up since there was nothing to eat in our house. Everyone else in town was there too.

The couple arguing in the produce.
The lonely guy conversing with himself.
The lady with the baby dressed in a hot pink bunny suit.
And the guy who gets in your way and then stares at you like you’re in his, even though he’s just wandering around drinking a can of pop.

We were turning out of an aisle and almost collided with some guy. We must have been on the chip aisle because instead of saying “excuse me” Brian said “salsa”.

So now that’s what I say. Just because it cracks me up.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Saturday April 16th

Saturday morning when Noelle got up her diaper had leaked out the top so her pants, shirt, and tummy were all wet. Got her cleaned up & ready for the day.

Brian and I decided to go eat lunch at Sweet Pea & then do some birthday shopping for Emily. We eat lunch then go to the Hallmark store to look for a birthday card and a graduation card for his cousin.

We’re in there for a while when he walks up to me and holds Noelle over for me to look at them. Her diaper leaked again. All over him.

So he takes her out to the car and I rush over and pay for the cards so I can run out to help him. She’s screaming bloody murder because she’s lying in the sun in the back of the car. We get her diaper changed & leave her pants off and get her back in the car seat. Brian gets in the car and takes off his shirt & we drive back home (Brian feeling funny driving around shirtless) so everybody can get cleaned up so we can continue our day. He runs in the house when we get home since he’s half naked (gasp!) and I get Noelle inside and get her clothes changed & whatnot.

Now we’re ready to go again. We’re headed to Kohl’s and Old Navy, still have to shop for Emily. We’re at Kohl’s & it’s a one day sale, so we’re looking at everything. Got Noelle a couple of shirts, they were only $4! Wandered around for a while. Brian wants to look at sunglasses because he’s missing the rubber off one earpiece and now the other one is coming off too.

He hands me Noelle and I say “She feels really warm, are you sure she’s not wet?”

I’m half joking. But to humor me I make him look at her pants just to make sure. He says she’s just warm. Ok. Commence looking at glasses.

Not five minutes later...“WHAT THE…?! YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!”

Noelle’s diaper.



Now we’re much further from home and still haven’t gotten Emily’s present finished. So I take Noelle out to the car for more screaming diaper wrestling and Brian pays for the clothes. He comes out and I’m sitting with her in the back of the car with the door open & a (once again) half clothed baby. We end up going back in, buying her a pair of shorts and a t-shirt for me so we can keep shopping. I clean up with wipes and change my shirt in the parking lot and we get her all dressed again.

We then head immediately to Target to buy some Pampers, tear open the package (after we buy it) and go straight to the bathroom to change her diaper again to avoid anyone getting peed on AGAIN.

Oh – Emily’s present is all finished.

And another thing. Never use Luv’s ever, ever again.