Friday, September 30, 2005


Nevermind all the junk in our garage. Our one little dinky tree won't hold up a swing, so we had to hang it from hooks in the garage doorway. Not the best setup ever, but she doesn't care. Since we put it up she has learned the sign for swing and, with it, the word "WHEEEEEEEE...!". These things are repeated until she gets out of the swing.  Posted by Picasa

Just a couple of words

This week Noelle learned how to say “No!” Great. I was hoping she wouldn’t get around to that until her second birthday, in time to kick off the terrible twos.

But she also learned how to say “Hiyee!” and that, in all it’s cuteness, way overrides the ‘no’ thing.

Bring on the Weekend

Noelle is staying at my parents house today and they just came and took me to lunch. She fell asleep just before we got there and was passed out on my shoulder the entire time. I tucked a couple of napkins into the back of her shirt so I could still eat. :) She woke up afterwards and stayed right where she was, just as still as when she was asleep.

I just love it when she's snuggly. She doesn't cuddle as much since she started being able to run around the house like the tazmanian devil. It really puts a damper on the playing. But every now and then she'll crawl up on my shoulder, lay her head down, and pat me on the back and it's the sweetest thing in the world.

Only a couple more hours of work left and we can get the weekend going. I'm sure it'll be filled with block stacking, and block throwing, lots of running and chasing, making animal noises, and tons of giggling. I'm not sure whether I'm more tired at the end of the weekend or the end of the work week, but one is much more rewarding than the other.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

More yaaaawwnnning...

6:15 Monday morning - ok, that's not too horribly bad.

4:00 Tuesday morning - What is she trying to do to us?! We tried everything to get her back to sleep, but apparently it was just time to be up and playing. She can take a nap later. Duh mommy! Hand me that block!

Thankfully last night she had a sleepover with my parents. I bet she slept in over there. Not because she was there, but because she finally wore herself completely out & couldn't help it!

Oh well. I shouldn't complain, she really is a pretty good sleeper. Usually.

Last night I took some pictures out the kitchen window of Brian out in the front yard with her. They didn't see me, I was like the paparazzi. So very sweet. I'll have to post them after I get them off the camera.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Ok Noelle, I really meant it when I said I will drop anything & everything for you, any and every time you need me - I promise! But please don't need me again at 5:00 tomorrow morning. Please, sweetie???



Monday, September 19, 2005


Now that summer is ending, I'm really going to miss this:

Splash Posted by Picasa

and this:

Drink Posted by Picasa

and this:

Swing! Posted by Picasa

But I can't help but be excited for new things that Noelle will be doing. There will soon be leaves to crunch, maybe puddles to splash, and later, snow to eat and make angels in.

I try not to ever say "I can't wait until..." because that makes me feel like I'm wishing away today. Instead, I try to say "It'll be so fun when..." because it will, and I don't want to rush through things with her just so she can see the next bigger, better thing.

We were outside swinging the other night and I swear I could've stayed right there and pushed her through the wind for the rest of my life. That was a good, sweet moment.

I try to slow down when I'm with her, because really, sadly, I don't have that much time with her since I have to work. I try to commit every second to memory. To remember her laugh at a certain silly face, or remember her expression when she figures something out. I wish I could say that I always do that, but still, some nights I'm tired and wish she would just go to sleep already!

Usually though, I am completely content to sit at home and stack things and knock them over 147 times in a row. Or watch a video on continuous play the same number of times, just because that's what she wants to do.

I hope that she always knows that I will drop anything and everything for her, any and every time she needs me. I hope she knows that I'm at work all day for her and not because I want to leave her.

I'm so excited for every next day and every next thing she does and sees. I love to watch her wonder when she sees new things, and see her concentrate so hard on something until she figures it out. Or throws it across the room in frustration because it obviously must be broken.

This mom thing is more amazing than I ever thought it would be, and it's the biggest, most important thing that I will ever do. These last (almost) 18 months have been the craziest, most frustrating, most rewarding, most fun that I have ever had. The next 18+ have big shoes to fill.

I can't wait - um, I mean - it'll be so fun to see what's next!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


As told to me by my favorite man, whose name I'm not revealing to protect the silly. :)

Well, this morning I was taking the dogs out and I put on my sandals and rolled my jeans up so they wouldn't get wet in the wet grass (they would drag in the grass cuz the sandals aren't as tall as my tennis shoes). Anyway, I came in and put my tennis shoes back on and came to work. I didn't notice til like 11:00 that my jeans were still rolled up. Like 4 inch cuffs. I was wearing capri jeans!!! I thought it was pretty funny, but, needless to say, I did unroll them. Shows how much i pay attention to my appearance I guess.

I can't stop laughing!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Return of the prodigal blogger?

Well, now that I’ve figured out the picture thing, maybe I’ll get going on this blog business. I’m not promising to make it a regular habit or anything, but if I can’t think of anything to say I can at least throw a picture on here.

I enjoy reading other people’s blogs, I just can’t ever think of anything to write myself. I talked briefly with someone whose site I enjoy, and he told me to write for me and not worry about other people think, or about people not reading it. I don’t think I’ve been dwelling on the ‘what will people think’ but the ‘what if people actually read this’ aspect of the whole thing. I won’t be able to control who comes over here and reads my silly little thoughts. I probably (ok, I do) watch too much crime tv, but I can’t help but not want any psycho killers lurking around here. For that reason, maybe I should never get one of those things that shows you what people are typing into their search engines right before they end up at your site. Especially after typing that ‘psycho killer’ phrase.

Anyway, I’m back for now. Say hi if you run across here somehow. Just don’t tell me if you’re a psycho killer.

Brian is cool. If you haven't seen this yet, look what he did! :) Oh, and click the little person looking thing in the lower right hand corner if the pictures aren't showing one at a time.

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