Friday, September 30, 2005

Bring on the Weekend

Noelle is staying at my parents house today and they just came and took me to lunch. She fell asleep just before we got there and was passed out on my shoulder the entire time. I tucked a couple of napkins into the back of her shirt so I could still eat. :) She woke up afterwards and stayed right where she was, just as still as when she was asleep.

I just love it when she's snuggly. She doesn't cuddle as much since she started being able to run around the house like the tazmanian devil. It really puts a damper on the playing. But every now and then she'll crawl up on my shoulder, lay her head down, and pat me on the back and it's the sweetest thing in the world.

Only a couple more hours of work left and we can get the weekend going. I'm sure it'll be filled with block stacking, and block throwing, lots of running and chasing, making animal noises, and tons of giggling. I'm not sure whether I'm more tired at the end of the weekend or the end of the work week, but one is much more rewarding than the other.


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