Wednesday, September 28, 2005

More yaaaawwnnning...

6:15 Monday morning - ok, that's not too horribly bad.

4:00 Tuesday morning - What is she trying to do to us?! We tried everything to get her back to sleep, but apparently it was just time to be up and playing. She can take a nap later. Duh mommy! Hand me that block!

Thankfully last night she had a sleepover with my parents. I bet she slept in over there. Not because she was there, but because she finally wore herself completely out & couldn't help it!

Oh well. I shouldn't complain, she really is a pretty good sleeper. Usually.

Last night I took some pictures out the kitchen window of Brian out in the front yard with her. They didn't see me, I was like the paparazzi. So very sweet. I'll have to post them after I get them off the camera.


At 9:41 AM, Blogger em said...

I love those pictures. So sweet!


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