Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I'm so sleeeeeepy....

Last night Noelle went to Mom & Dad's for a sleepover, so WOOHOOOO - I get to go to bed early, right? So I laid down at 9:30 hoping to drift off to sleep. At 11:15 I got up to see what Brian was doing because I still couldn't fall asleep. I stayed up for a little while & read & that finally did it. I think it was around midnight.

At 4:00 I woke up. Wide awake. I didn't feel very good for some reason & couldn't get comfortable. I kept tossing & turning & ended up keeping Brian up too. Decided I was hungry about 5, got up, and ate a bowl of cereal.

There is NOTHING on tv at 5 AM.

So I went to lay back down for a while. Of course then I fall into a good sleep about 6 - when I should have been up and in the shower.

Sigh.....I hope the whole day isn't like last night.

Sorry this post is boring. Just thought I should put something new on here, but this is all I've got.


At 10:49 AM, Blogger Carrie said...

Maybe this is just the "not having kids" in me, but I thought when gramps and granny kept the baby, it was lights out (early) but candles on!?!?! :)



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