Monday, March 06, 2006

Sick in the Head

Since we haven't been to the ER/Urgent Care enough in the last few weeks we decided to take another trip there this weekend. Me again.

The infamous migraines are back. I got one last Monday night & couldn't get rid of it. It just kept getting worse & worse until I finally couldn't take it anymore. So on Saturday my parents came to get Noelle & Brian took me to get a shot. Lovely. I hadn't had a bad one in so long I was hoping they were just gone forever. Wishful thinking I guess.

I know one bad one doesn't mean that they're back to the same frequency and intensity that they were before, but right now, still somewhat coming out of the drug induced haze, I don't have high hopes. I have kind of missed the neurologist, she's a very nice lady, but I would rather run into her at a restaurant or something. I'm not going to see her yet, but I'm not ruling out a future visit either.

I'm just frustrated. How can I go so long without having one to having such a bad one out of the blue? I don't want to have to get on all the preventative medicines & pain pills again. Yeah, yeah, it helps, but they add up too. $$

I know, I'm thinking of the worst case scenario, it's what I do.

Ok, enough about that. How was everyone else's weekend?


OH!! I forgot to tell you! I'm SOOO EXCITED!! I just found out that they're building a Ted's Cafe Esconditos in Broken Arrow & it may be open pretty soon! If you've never eaten there, it's only the best Mexican food in the whole wide world. Ok, Oklahoma anyway. The tortillas are like little pieces of heaven! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!


At 2:51 PM, Blogger Carrie said...

Ok, when you start to get stressed or headache, just imagine this.....You gave in to the pressure of Oklahoma legislature and finally bought a lottery ticket. You won! You won big!! So, you bought an island......nothing scary in the island, just pleasant trees, fruit, everything nice. You live there permanently, but occasionally fly back to OK to visit friends and family. Or, you let them fly to visit you, but have a nifty little trap door so when they bug you, you just press the button and they are sent home again. It's nice that can see people when you want, but can send them away with the touch of a button......

Oh yes, you also have full access to all regualar cable shows, any movie you wish for, and with all reality tv shows, you have another button and you can make those fools do ANYTHING you want them to!

ah, heaven!!

At 7:19 PM, Blogger em said...


I can forgive you for one reason and one reason only..... you had a headache. But don't let it happen again! :)

**sorry you had a one-time-only-never-to-return-migraine...... just remember-- when in doubt, BOTOX baby!


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