Monday, February 13, 2006

February has not been good to me so far....

First off, I have to say that we got our Christmas tree down on Jan. 31st. That’s one day later than last year. I was sure hoping it had been earlier so I could say it was a new record. Only I wanted to say it was a new record for how early we took it down, not how late.

Anyway…on with February…

On the first I started getting a cold. Not the end of the world, but certainly not welcomed.

On the second I went to the doctor and started taking a new anxiety pill. I hadn’t taken anything for a while, but I just couldn’t stand the anxious feeling anymore. This pill made me feel so sick I could hardly sit up. So, not only do I have a cold, and that nervous-butterfly-in-the-stomach feeling, I also now want to throw up for three solid days.

On the third, I had to go back to the doctor’s office for some labwork I hadn’t planned on and therefore hadn’t fasted for the day before. That afternoon I called the doctor to say I could NOT take that medicine she prescribed, could I PLEASE go back to the old one that used to work for me? They’ll get samples and a prescription, but the doctor is not in on Fridays.

On the sixth, the doctor’s office calls, we don’t have samples – wait – yes we do. But we don’t have a prescription ready for you. We’ll call you.

On the seventh, haven’t heard from the doctor’s office so call to check on things myself. Yes! It’s here! You can come pick it up any time. Go to pick it up – its samples – no prescription. Wait for several minutes in the waiting room for office person to talk to doctor. It’s not ready yet, sorry for the inconvenience, blah, blah, blah, you’ll have to come back. Stop at Sonic on the way back to work. While I’m eating, the doctor’s office calls. Your prescription is ready! Cannot leave work twice in one day for a little jaunt across town. Maybe I can make it tomorrow.

On the ninth, finally make it back to the doctor’s office to get the prescription. Hopefully that’s the last trip to the doctor this week.

That same night at about 8:30 we were just hanging around the house, playing with Noelle. She likes to play on our bed & pretend she’s asleep and she likes to flop on the pillows. We also pretend we’re asleep and she wakes us up. Cheap entertainment that produces many, many baby giggles.

So we’re playing this game and I’m pretending to be asleep. Next thing that happens – CRACK!! She had decided instead of waking me up, to flop on the pillows. Only she missed the pillows and landed on my face. That crack? Was my nose.

I’m just laying there holding my nose. Brian had grabbed Noelle off of me and was trying to see if I was ok. I’d started crying because my nose HURT! I jumped up off the bed because I was afraid I was getting blood everywhere. Ran to the bathroom to look. Strangely there was no blood, but a huge bump on the side of my nose. A huge hard bump. Was that my crooked nose staring back at me?

Brian is saying we need to go to the ER and I’m still wandering around the house trying to figure out what just happened. He gets me a bag of ice & I’m now walking blindly around the house trying to see around the bag and the towel. I decide the ER is probably a good idea. I call my parents to see if they can meet us and take Noelle home with them. Of course they can, they’ll meet us there.

We get there and all go in together. Go to the check in desk. Yeah, your nose looks a little crooked. Yes, thank you, that’s why I’m here. Go sit down to wait for our turn behind the bajillions of people who have beaten us there. It’s true. The freaks DO come out at night.

So I go back, they get vitals, I come back out. They come get me for X-rays, I go back out. Finally I go back to see the doctor. Yes, it’s broken. We will not, however, have to torture you and put it back where it belongs, it should heal just fine on its own. But just in case it doesn’t, here is the number of an ear, nose & throat doctor who will be able to fix you later. Oh, and here is a prescription for an illegal substance.

So at 2 am, we finally get home, I take my illegal substance and crawl into bed.

And now? I have a very sore nose, and a cold, which I probably got from stewing in the infestation that was the ER waiting room.

What else could February possibly have in store for me? I’m really not sure if I want to know.


At 2:49 PM, Blogger Carrie said...

Well, I know of at least one day in February where you had fun. It was lunch at PF Changs with two of the best, most fun people EVAAHHH. Then, trapped in the car driving all over Tulsa! But, I think you had fun; maybe you had fun! :)

I hope the rest of your month takes off without a hitch!

Lots of love!


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